Life Drawing, Anatomy and Figure sketching is an essential study for any Artist, Animator or Fashion Designer.

Students and professionals alike will most positively enhance their all round drawing and observational skills by participating in a good Life Drawing format with or without instruction depending on your level of experience or preference. Life Drawing is also a great hobby for anyone who loves to draw and wants to improve dramatically.

Classes will consist of a series of varied length poses usually beginning with very quick warm-up poses and excercises. Poses will be varied in duration throughout the sessions and each class will have specific excercises aimed at developing the artists perception and awareness of drawing from life. Through emphasis on quick gestural poses, the artist is forced to observe and make dynamic lines on the page without getting caught up in detail. This creates a more confident artist who will be able to capture the essence of movement and life in a single sketch.

A typical 10 week course will focus on a variety of exercises that will help both beginners and experienced artists, such as Anatomy and Proportion as well as exploring various forms of media and technique. Each class will consist of a nude model, except where the group is under 16 years of age. Male/Female ratio of model will depend completely on model availability.

Classes can also be arranged at your business or group's location on an ongoing basis, 10 week sessions, as a once-off or occasional workshop.
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