Adobe Photoshop is just one of the many great image editing programs available today. Image Editing software was originally used by Photographers and Graphic Designers, but because of its extensive development and ease of integration with other software over the years, it is now used in almost every creative profession such as Illustration, Painting, Web Design, Fashion Design and much more.

Within my Web Design courses, depending on the course duration, we usually dedicate 2-3 weeks to introduce how even the basic tools in Photoshop can personalise your website and students are encouraged to take advantage of these tools for designing creative elements such as:

  • A Mock-Up of the site design
  • Banner Designs
  • Logos
  • Navigation graphics
  • Image Editing and Optimising Photographs for the web
  • Creating textures and background images for use on the site and/or on the Navigation Bar
  • Web File types, sizes and resolution
  • Image cropping and image slicing for the web
  • Working with text

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