Adobe Photoshop is just one of the many great image editing programs available today, so for creatives, encorporating Photoshop into your workflow could transform your work to a whole new level.

Image Editing software was initially used by Photographers and Graphic Designers but because of it's extensive development and ease of integration with other software over the years, it is now used in almost every creative profession such as Illustration, Painting, Web Design, Fashion Design and more.

You'll find that Photoshop is incorporated at some level into most of the digital courses I teach, in particular, with Fashion Design students who use it to draw, colour and digitally texturize their designs and illustrations.

Photoshop can be used to composite your own hand drawn artwork into a computer, manipulate and enhance your photography or art and even colour or paint your own hand or digitally drawn artwork. Most creatives will find some exciting use for this highly versatile program to become a beneficial addition to their creative endeavours.

Photoshop for artists is a practical course, suited to students who have some drawing ability and a good general knowledge of computers, though classes can be tailored to meet specific class requirements where necessary. You can expect to study the following:

  • The Tools Panel and creative options available
  • Colouring your own scanned artwork - experimentating with brushes, textures and line art.
  • Working with text and image
  • Drawing into (it is advised to invest in a graphics tablet for drawing directly into the software)
  • Colour enhancement
  • Photo manipulation
  • Presentation and promotional art
  • Advertisement design such as poster art, cover design and creating flyer advertisements
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