Animation in it's hand-drawn form is a great way for artists to learn how movement is used and is especially suitable for those wishing to create their own films, artistic expression and artists who just want to adapt their drawing skills in an exciting new way. Also to develop into areas of 3D animation, an Animator's skill is enhanced greatly by learning traditional methods of ....

I have developed my own short Animation and Cartoon drawing courses specifically designed for adults, children as well as the student who wishes to develop Animation as a career in this Industry. These classes usually run in two week blocks during the summer, but if you are interested in either summer or evening courses, click here.

Courses can be held for groups at your location!

Click here if you would like to be noified of any upcoming courses.

  • Introduction to the Principles of Animation
  • Timing for Animation
  • Animating an Action
  • Animating Dialogue
  • Drawing animation backgrounds
  • Testing your Animation
  • Working with audio
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