Developing a strong awareness for Design is essentiall for anyone who works in Graphics, Web Design, Interior Design, Fashion Design or any creative form of Multimedia or Art. This class is beneficial to students who feel they have a flair for design and an interest in some form of creative media, however it also gives someone with very little eye for design a basic guide in making good design choices.

In my design classes, I teach the following:

  • The Principles of Design
  • Colour Theory
  • Introduction to Typography
  • Using Type and Image for print and web projects
  • Design Exploration and current trends for print and web
  • Composition and Layout of image, text and colour for a variety of publications such as magazines, brochures, advertisements, posters and the differences between web and print

The resources used for this class will vary greatly depending on the course objective and venue, for example: Digital based Design classes will incorporate software such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign. Art students will use wet and dry media and/or a combination of both traditional and digital methods.

Most courses will incorporate an introductory design element included in the curriculum (usually 1-2 weeks of a typical 10-12 week course.

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