Adobe Flash is vector drawing and animation software used by Web Designers, TV and Web Animators and Illustrators. Because of the low file sizes it produces economically sized files that

Drawing with Flash is very similar to drawing with Adobe Illustrator and in fact the later versions of Flash (CS3+) use the exact same Pen Tool. However, as Flash is an Animation program, it offers the artist extra colouring options. If you already know how to draw in Illustrator, your designs can be imported into Flash, where you can then continue your project in Flash.

I teach Flash as part of the FETAC Multimedia Authoring program at Portobello Institute Dublin where I train the students how to use Flash to create Animated Web Banners, Interactive web elements and various exercises to learn animation principles. Because of my lengthy experience as a traditional Animator, Flash is a great tool in successfully combining traditional values of animation with digital styles of animation and used professionally or just for fun, Flash can be a time and cost effective to bringing your ideas to life.

On a Flash course or module, the studnt will learn how to use Flash to draw, use it to colour, use it to animate and to create interactive web elements for a site.

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